Subsidy for Preventative Measures Against COVID-19 Infection Application Guidelines

Application for " (B) Subsidy for Preventative Measures Against COVID-19 Infection" has been closed on February 28, 2021.


A subsidy scheme providing 50% of the expenses (max. JPY 500,000) for preventions based on the individual guidelines of the industry of cultural and arts activities with multiple participants, such as exhibitions, performance, movie shooting, etc.


Individuals or organizations with a base at Kyoto City that provide wide cultural and arts appreciation opportunities to citizens and other audiences.

3@Target Activities

Activities fulfilling the conditions below.

  • (*) To be implemented from 1st October 2020 - 31st March 2021.
  • (*) Any cultural and art activities stated in Cultural Art Basic Laws Article 8-12 (Applicable for cross-genres activities).
    • (A) Literature, music, fine arts, photography, drama, dance
    • (B) Movie, manga, animations, and arts of computers or other electric devices (e.g. media art)
    • (C) Gagaku, Noh, Bunraku, Kabuki, and other traditional arts such as Kumi Odori (group dance)
    • (D) Kodan, Rakugo, Rokyoku, Mandan, Manzai, singing and other Japanese arts
    • (E) Life cultures (tea ceremony, Kado (Flower arrangement), calligraphy, food culture(*1) and other general entertainment (Igo chess, Shogi chess, etc.)
    • (F) Others, combination of the above
    (*1) Not applicable to activities with a primary purpose to provide food and beverages. The target of this subsidy is activities to provide wide cultural and arts appreciation opportunities to citizens and other audiences.
  • (*) Activities that with implementation of COVID-19 preventative measures based on the guidelines of their industry.
    (*) Please refer to this website for examples in various genres (Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan).
  • (*) Performance, exhibitions, or other activities open for multiple non-specified audience at Kyoto City (including broadcasting without live audience)- including its exhibitions, performance, shooting, production, rehearsal, etc.
  • (*) Activities NOT included
    Workshops, lectures, seminars, etc./ academic conference, presentations, ceremonies, and activities open for a specific group of audience/ religious and political activities/ business activities for products or membership promotion/ activities organized by Kyoto City or Kyoto Prefecture/ Facility events managed by Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

4@Target Expenses

  • (*) Target expenses are listed in the table below.
  • (*) Additional expenses for COVID-19 prevention, such as purchase of alcoholic sanitizers and consumables, preventative measure labor cost, seminar & performance manual creation fees, etc.
  • (*) Copies of the official receipt and invoice with all breakdowns are needed for the application.
Consumable Expenses Alcoholic sanitizer, face shield, gloves, partitions at reception, acrylic board,
non-contact thermometer, mask, etc. (existing stocks as applicantsf property are not included
(non-disposable items with unit price over JPY 50,000))
Rental fee
(leasing fee)
Rental fee of sanitizing facilities, air purifier, thermo-camera, extra cars for the additional equipment
Remuneration Remuneration for seminar instructors and advisors about preventative measures, etc.
(salary to internal staff and self-payment to applicant are no included)
Compensation Additional compensation for temporary staff for preventative measures (salary to regular staff and self-payment to applicant are no included)
Miscellaneous expenses Sub-contract fees for the creation of activity implementation manuals, sanitization works, inspection (Antibody test fee is not included)


5@Subsidy Amount

  • (*) 50% of the expenses for preventative measures
  • (*) Max. JPY 500,000 (consumption tax included)/ activity.
  • (*) uLimited to 1 application per an activity. v (The guideline has been amended as multiple application is available if organization/individual conducts multiple activities after January 2021. (as of 5 Jan. 2021))

6@Subsidy Application

(1)@Application Period

19th October 2020 (Mon) 10am - 28th February 2021 (Sun) 5pm (with a valid postmark in post)
Application may close early when the application amount reaches our budget. We will release the newest information in our website.
(*) Application can be made after activities (within the captioned effective period; not applicable when the total application amount reached our budget).

(2)@Flow from Application to Subsidy Attainment


Subsidies for IP & CAA Team

  • [Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation]
    Operation time) 10am - 5pm (from Monday to Friday excepts public holidays)
    Phone) 075-213-0213
    (*) Closed on the closing days of Kyoto Art Center/New Year holiday (26th Dec - 4th Jan).
    (*) No individual notification for application result.

8@Activity Report

Successful applicants need to submit an activity report in the format below within 30 days after the activity and before 10th April 2021.

Please submit the copies of the following payment confirmation.
E(1) Receipt, etc. (2) Specification, delivery slip, or invoices with the payment breakdown
E Documents to show the details of the activity (flyer/direct mail, pamphlet, photos of the activity)
(*) Please make sure all receipts are under the name of the applicant. Please refer to the gFAQh for details.

Please submit your gActivity reporth and copies of the necessary documents at the contact below if you were not able to use the above form. Please mark on the envelope gActivity reporth along with your gApplication numberh (as stated in our notification)

› Contact for post application

Subsidies for IP & CAA Team, West Japan Sales Department
@KNT Business Create CO., LTD
@6/F, Taiyo Nissan Shinmachi Building 1-16-1 Shinmachi,
@Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (550-0013)


(*) Be submit the below gApplication for Changeh application for big changes in the activity content, cost changes exceeding 30“ of the original amount, or cancelation. Please refer to the gFAQh for samples of application for changes.

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