Kyoto City Cultural & Art Activities Revitalization Matching Grant
with COVID-19, Application Details


Project activity overview

(1) Purpose

We are now looking for ambitious cultural and art activities (projects) that can serve as new models for people who are active in Kyoto city. The city office is going to hold a “Furusato (hometown) Tax Crowdfunding” for the selected projects; and will double the sum of grant by adding the amount equivalent to the collected one (*) to the grant. We would love to support the exploration of new ways of expression that go beyond traditions under the influence of COVID-19.

(2) Application criteria

Application criteria- individual or group (including corporates) cultural & art activities accommodating the followings.

(3) Target activities- accommodating all criteria below

(4) Target genre of the cultural and art fields

Target genre of the cultural and art activities) fields stated in Article 8-12 in the Basic Law of Culture and Arts (please refer to the website for details). Cross-field application is accepted.

(5) Amount of grant Max.- 2 million Japanese yen

(6) Target expenses

(7) No. of granting targets) approx

10 applications

Timeline (tentative)

Start of application 22nd July - 21st August
Online orientation 6th August
Review of application Late August - early September
Notification of result Early September
Crowdfunding September - early November
Notification of the grant amount After crowdfunding
Activity period Completion of crowdfunding- March 2021
Activity report, finalization of the
grant amount, and payment claims
After the activity

Application details

(1) Application documents

(2) Application period

From Jul 22 (Wednesday) to Aug 21 (Friday), 2020

(3) How to submit and to whom

Please submit your application online or by post.

○ Online submission

Deadline: 5 p.m., Aug 21 (Friday), 2020

Application Form

○ Mail submission

Deadline: Aug 21 (Friday), 2020 (as indicated by the postmark on the envelope)
Address: 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156, Japan
Kyoto Art Center
Note : Write “Kyoto city cultural & Art Avtivities Revitalization Matching Grant with COVID-19” in red on the envelope

≫Click here to download the Application From.

(4) Online orientation

We have planned to hold online orientation in 6th August for details about the target activities and other important points. Please check our website for updates.

Review criteria


We are going to do promotion of successful applicants and their activities during the crowdfunding of Furusato (hometown) tax system. We are going to consult with the applicants in advance regarding the preparation of articles and rewards for donors.

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